Cement Mortar Lining - in Situ

Cement mortar lining can be applied in situ (in-place) to existing pipelines after cleaning the line, providing the following significant benefits:

  • Savings of up to 90% of the cost of replacing the existing pipe.
  • Protection to existing pipes even when they have been perforated by corrosion.
  • Leakages can be stopped.

Cement mortar lining can also be applied in situ to new pipelines after installation, providing the following significant benefits:

  • Joints are lined over in the course of normal lining operations providing a superior cover.
  • Linings applied in situ can be thinner than those that must withstand transportation, providing a greater effective cross sectional area.
  • Possible damage of shop applied linings during handling and transportation is eliminated.
  • Reduces the handling between the manufacturer and installation of the pipe.

Raymond has rehabilitated many existing pipelines during critical shutdown periods, minimizing the duration times are out of service.

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